Chronic Disease

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  • Unite for Safe Medications - Patient advocate, founder of Unite for Safe Medications (@BoesingLoretta)
  • Patients Like Me - largest personalized health network (@patientslikeme)
  • Solutions for Kids in Pain - Mission to improve children's pain management (@KidsInPain)
  • (C) Patient Critical Co-op - member owned HC education & advocacy (@PatientCritical)
Mental Health
  • Citizen Health - rebuilding health care to give power back to patients and physicians (@CitizenHealthio)
  • Free to Care - national coalition of over 2 million patients and doctors to make healthcare affordable and accessible (@Free2CareHC)
  • Kids Right to Know - One Planet for all, all for One Planet (@RachelsNews)
  • Patients Rising Now - formed to stand up for patients, to advocate for rights to treatments they need ...(@patientsrisenow)
  • Essure Problems - (@EssureProblems)
  • MoMMA's Voices - Maternal Mortality and Morbidity Advocates Coalition
  • Radical Remission Project - dedicated to continuing research and creating community for survivors, patients, guests and health
  • Reversive Medicine - FPB (Whole Food Plant Based)
  • Society for Participatory Medicine - A non-profit devoted to helping patients and healthcare professionals work together as partners as e-patients and empowered physicians (@S4PM)
  • United Patients Group - resource and trusted leader in medical cannabis (@upatientsgroup)
  • We Nurses - connecting nurses to share information, ideas, knowledge, and support to improve patient care (@WeNurses)
  • - company behind the 31st human right, making your data your property (@hu_manityco)
  • IMAGINE Citizens - Alberta citizens joining forces together to improve health care system (@imaginecitizens)
  • Open Privacy Research Society - building tools and systems that enable consent (@OpenPriv)
  • Patient Privacy Rights - mission to help individuals realize their right to privacy (@PatientPrivacy)
  • Patient Safety / Patient's Rights - @pttopt
  • Patient's Voices - @WhistleHealth
  • Sicksplaining podcast - focused on chronic and invisible illnesses (@Sicksplaining, hosted by @Sabrina_Poirier)