Getting Started

Welcome to the prototype for "my Healthy Community" (mHC). The  intention is for this to become YOUR Healthy Community. This note provides ideas for how to get started using the platform. We are growing the community based on a model of Education, Outreach and Community Engagement. Depending on which you're looking for most, these items will help you navigate the site.

Join Us. While many of these items are available without becoming a Member of mHC. Please Join us to gain access to many additional features.


The following tabs cover the Education component of the site:

  • Articles - check here for articles highlighting our recommended readings, documentaries, success stories, community project ideas, and real life "Healthy Community" style projects that have been implemented around the world. These files are maintained by the Community Manager, please let us know if you have any recommendations for items we may have missed.
  • Videos - check here for some of our favorite TEDx Talks, categorized by our 6 areas of health
  • Blogs - check here for blog posts that have been shared by mHC members
  • Search - Search the site based on your favorite keywords
  • Store - the Store is a new feature that we are introducing to mHC. Check out this tab to purchase promotional products.


One of the main goals of this platform is to start the conversation regarding "Healthy Communities". The following tabs cover the Outreach component of the site:

  • People (and Search) - check here for existing members of mHC. You can find people by name, country, and by doing a proximity search to find members within a designated radius of your location. Note that we are working on the "Browse" tab to remove to Sex and Age features (we're not a dating site :) )
  • Create Friends and engage with them within the site
  • Invite A Friend (Footer portion of site) - send out a notice to invite your friends to check out and join mHC

Community Engagement

Another main goal of this platform is to keep the conversation going regarding "Healthy Communities". The following tabs cover the Outreach component of the site:

  • Groups - check out the existing groups within mHC and create your own.
  • Forums - get engaged and create conversations, find out what other people are talking about
  • Events - find out what events are happening within your community
  • Ads - find practitioners and promoters who have advertised within mHC

Are you a Practitioner, a Partner or a Promoter of Wellness. Contact us to find about more about our Store and creating Ads for the site. Also contact us to find out more about creating a badge for your business, as well as becoming a Sponsor for "my Healthy Community"

Want to do more? If you're enjoying what you see, there's more that you can do to really increase the conversations. Check out the "Help Us Grow" page (coming soon).