The Evolution of Health and Health Care


  • To improve individual and population health outcomes
  • Revive Medicine


  • Coming together to improve the overall health for all (mental, physical, spiritual, environmental, social, financial).
  • Working together to shift the focus from I-llness to We-llness

Key Themes

  • We’re giving people something to believe in. We live in a world where people have lost faith. What we are creating is massively empowering, not just for what we are trying to build, but also for other people.
  • We’re giving people something to belong to. People are feeling the pain of not having their people. When you find your people, non-specific pain on many levels disappears. People come alive. Magic happens. The outcomes can be stunning

 Guiding Principles

  • First, do no harm
  • Patient centric
  • Incorporates a learning health system (health literacy), beginning in K-12
  • To extent possible, care available to all
  • Less middlemen and cabals (think this belongs in Shared Pain)
  • Transparency


What is it?

We are a gathering of physicians, patients and patient advocates, all conscious contributors to health and wellness. The patients want to maintain or return to health. The practitioners and advocates (some of them patients themselves) are there to help coach and mentor the patients on their journey. It’s primarily a Wellness and Prevention focus. We focus on all aspects of health: physical, mental, spiritual/emotional, environmental, social, corporate and financial health.