Learn the science behind stretching, and how to properly
balance the body!

The body is a system of systems. Some muscles don't need stretching before others do. Stretching the incorrect ones at the incorrect times will tighten muscles that need to be lengthened while over tightening others, thus throwing the body out of balance and proper alignment. This can cause, and add to ill health issues that you may not even be aware have anything to do with stretching! 

Learn how to restore balance and flexibility into your body, reduce pain and add lasting ease of movement into daily life!

‣ Take home Manual to keep the information and continue on your own
‣ Learn what to stretch, when and why to keep the body in proper balance and alignment.
‣ Chronic pain? Stretching can help with a lot of chronic pain also, even some that seem completely un-related to stretching.


Investment: $40 - includes take home materials to continue in future on your own!

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