Inciting Incident

At my Healthy Community, I have shared my thoughts about how patients and physicians coming together will improve chronic disease and mental health outcomes, and will also heal broken healthcare systems. I describe this as a peaceful revolution and highlight the elements of a successful revolution here. Many folks have agreed and supported this idea but there has always been something missing. A key element of a successful revolution often begins with an Inciting Incident. As much as people are frustrated with the state of health and healthcare, there really hasn't been something bug enough to get people to come together en masse. Could COVID-19 be that Inciting Incident that has been missing? Honestly I don't know the answer to this, though I hope we can focus on health improvements as we return to normal living, whatever "normal" might be.

Healing Stories

Two folks have shared their stories of healing, one from high blood pressure and another from obesity. Check out their stories here and here. Would you like to share your story?

What Don't We Know?

A story on spoon-bending (probably not what you think) was shared here and a story on Energy Healing (also probably not what you think) was shared here.

New Book Recommendations

A couple of new book recommendations were added. You'll love The Community Cure by James Maskell. Check out other recommendations here.

Becoming Part of a Community

Grass roots groups are coming together all over the world. Would you like yours to be highlighted?

Help Spread the Word

My Healthy Community is a vision. It highlights really big ideas but focuses on local initiatives. Whether you join or not doesn't matter, but please highlight the efforts of folks and groups seeking to improve health and healthcare. And above all, be kind.

Namaste and Espavo

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