Ideas for Community Projects

There are many great ideas for community-based projects. A number of these have been done successfully in many cities and could occur in any city. We'd love to hear your ideas as well.

Events - plan an event for your city

  • Wellness Event
  • TEDx style talks
  • Movie showings (check out the Resources page for movie ideas)
  • Panel discussion

Citizen-lead Project - engage community members in a community initiative

  • Community Garden - great for producing healthy food and connecting people
  • Create a Farmers Market - and promote whatever exists
  • Check out the Projects page for samples of citizen lead projects

Government-led Project - encourage government to be visible leaders

  • Reference Jim Diers and the Community Fund idea

Education System

  • Create Science Fair project - encourage students to focus on Healthy Community and Determinants of Health 

Community Groups

  • Start a networking meetup group
  • Engage “real people” and their success stories to help and motivate others
  • Bring an existing group to your city (e.g. Tipping Point Network, Moms Across America)

Health Related Projects - time-boxed project with measurable results

  • Like “SuperJuice Me” – 6-week project with patients with various disease
    • Selected patients
    • True focus on root cause and healing
    • Measurable results
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