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Kelly has devoted more than a decade to learning and practicing in all areas of Holistic Health. She is certified in all C.H.E.K. Institute Advanced Holistic Lifestyle Coaching Programs, and has certifications in Integrative Health Education, PPS Success Mastery and Canfitpro, among others. She is quickly becoming an influential figure in Holistic Health, having near unparalleled success using cutting edge assessment and treatment techniques.

Going far beyond what most medical professionals look at, Kelly has developed and refined the skills for assessment and management of even the most challenging cases.

Using her knowledge and skill set, Kelly works one on one assessing clients physically, as well as metaphysically (that which is beyond what presents itself physically in the body). She has a solid knowledge base of bioenergy (the various human energy systems) the different stages of infant development, and how these correlate to physical structure, mental emotional capacity, personality, disposition and perception. She appreciates socio-cultural correlations, as well as psychospiritual influences (pertaining to the relationship between spirituality and the mind), unearthing the root cause of mental and physical symptoms that often get overlooked by other medical professionals, giving the most comprehensive care possible.

Using her knowledge of the science of mind and problem solving strategies, she develops an individualized body-mind program for change, and has the solutions for any road blocks to success one may have in diet and lifestyle changes. If necessary, she knows where and how to access the best multidisciplinary support systems available for further help and guidance. In this way, she is often able to guarantee lasting results.

“I have been able to completely transform my own mind and body, creating ways I’d never thought possible to dreams I’d never imagined I could realize. I have been able to get more out of life than I could have anticipated, and am very passionate about helping others do the same.

While working with me, you will be able to overcome literally nearly ANY health, body image and wellness challenge, fully realize and enjoy the amazing gifts your life has to offer, all while still enjoying your preferred lifestyle.
You will literally be amazed at how easy it is to reach your goals, how wonderful your body is designed to feel. How much joy that brings to your life and how much stress gets eliminated!
Start your journey today!”

- Kelly Bentley
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Learn the science behind stretching, and how to properlybalance the body!The body is a system of systems. Some muscles don't need stretching before others do. Stretching the incorrect ones at the incorrect times will tighten muscles that need to be lengthened while over tightening others, thus throw…
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The Chakra House of Healing, Burlington, Canada
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Learn how you can supercharge your food using essential oils & Mind-blowing Nutritional Education!Saturday, April 30th - 10am - 1pmBurlington, ON. Investment: $20- Discover how essential oils can enhance your food and your health in ways you never thought possible. - Learn how using essential oi…
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Leslie's Healthy Loft, Oakville, Canada
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