Resonant Story

The purpose of the resonant story is to try to unite the silos. So many great people and groups are doing so much work in so many areas to improve individual health, population health, and Healthcare. Having a resonant story and a common future goal serves to unite people and groups toward a much bigger cause. We're all in this together. Here is the resonant story.

Very Old Story (where we came from, about 100 years ago)

  • People in communities, working together, supporting each other
  • Limited approaches to medicine
  • People died from what are now very treatable conditions and diseases

Old Story (what we're leaving)

  • Began with antibiotics and insulin, better treatment of acute conditions - success
  • People living longer - success, BUT chronic disease became very prevalent, people dying longer
  • Over half the adult population diagnosed with chronic disease, many on multiple medications
  • Healthcare system, focusing on treatment, ran amok
  • Parts of Medicine became more focused on profits than health
  • Food and industry systems followed suit, more focused on profits than health

New Story (where we're going)

  • Patients are healthier, Physicians are happier - doing what they do best, helping people to maintain and return to health
  • Healthcare is something that you use when you need, it's not somewhere that you spend the rest of your life
  • People are working in community again supporting each other and contributing to healthier people and populations

The Space Between Stories (where we are now)

  • We're building the New Story "puzzle", there are many sections of a much bigger puzzle
  • We need to support each other, lift each other up, and to understand they were all working on something far bigger than our own sections
  • There are many causes and potential causes to the current state of population health and unsustainable Healthcare, we need to work on all of them
  • We need to tackle the causes of things that are making people sick
  • We need to tackle the things that are keeping people sick
  • We need a system that focuses on returning people to health
  • Nobody can work on every section, everybody section is important to the bigger puzzle

The Players

  • Advocates and activists (working on puzzle)
  • Patients (working on puzzle)
  • Physicians - conventional, lifestyle, integrative, functional, etc. (working on puzzle)
  • Lobbyists and many politicians - protecting the status quo (trying to tear puzzle apart)
  • Some politicians knowing that change is necessary and inevitable (watching puzzle get built)
  • Propagandists - protecting the status quo (trying to tear puzzle apart)

The Common Goal

  • Healthy People, Healthy Communities, Healthy Health Care System