Start A Revolution


My Healthy Community


To create Healthy Communities (akin to Blue Zones) using a model of Education, Outreach and Community Engagement in order to impact  all aspects of health for individuals and communities as a whole


Coming together as community to improve the overall health for all (mental, physical, spiritual, environmental, social, financial)

Working together as community to shift the focus from I-llness to We-llness

Key Themes

We’re giving people something to believe in. We live in a world where people have lost faith. What we are creating is massively empowering, not just for what we are trying to build, but also for other people.

We’re giving people something to belong to. We’re in the throes of a global belonging crisis (Jonathan Fields). People are feeling the pain of not having their people. When you find your people, non-specific pain on many levels disappears. People come alive. Magic happens. The outcomes can be stunning.


  • Fewer health issues, illness and disease
  • Stories of healing and returning to health, in all aspects of health
  • Pride in community, being part of something big
  • Great for marketing of city/community
  • Great legacy for future generations

What is it?

·        We are a community of people, empowered patients and conscious contributors to wellness. The patients want to return to health and come together in community to help each other do so. The wellness promoters and practitioners (some of them patients themselves) are there to help coach and mentor the patients on their journey. It’s all about a We-llness focus. The “enemy” is “the one that’s making and keeping us sick”.  “When I is replaced with We …” is the rallying cry, and it’s about all aspects of health: physical, mental, spiritual/emotional, environmental, social, corporate and financial health. Our target audience is two-fold, both with a common goal of improving overall health. The first is the patient, the second is the conscious healthcare provider and wellness promoter that desires to help people through their own journey.

Creating A Revolution

The “model” for the “my Healthy Community” initiative is based on the research of Jonathan Fields, entitled “The Art of Revolution – Don’t Just Build a Business, Start A Revolution”. It reveals a full 18-element Framework for Nonviolent Consumer Revolution; a methodology that taps the power of revolutions and movement dynamics, blends them with story-architecture, response messaging and social technology to potentially launch a career, body-of-work, brand, business, product or idea exponentially faster, and with a fraction of the resources and effort.

This outline names the 18 elements and provides some initial ideas for my Healthy Community. The next step is for the “Core Team” to come to agreement on the 18 elements and then Create A Revolution.

Executive Summary

Element 1: Define your Target Audience – to build a connected mission-driven community

Community Members

·       Is either/or an empowered (or becoming empowered) patient, or a wellness practitioner/promoter – similarities and differences in these

·       Tired of all of the social issues that are plaguing communities and the world

·       Concerned with one or all aspects of health - Understands that many of the issues are interconnected (Social Determinants)

·       Knows there has to be a better way – many have found components of the better way and want to help others

·       Knows that “no one is too small to make a difference”, but wants to connect with others

·       Surrounded by illness - Doesn’t want to be ill any more, or ever - Sick and tired of being sick and tired himself, or friends and colleagues –

·       Believes in a focus on wellness rather than illness - resonates with “healthy community”

·       Accepts that diet and exercise are important, but knows it’s much more than that – wants to understand the social determinants of health

·       Confused about what it takes to be well, as are many friends, family and colleagues


Element 2: Identify Shared Concerns (Pain) – have to understand what people are living with

  • Population is sick
    • Over half the adult population is diagnosed with chronic disease.
    • Almost half the child population is diagnosed with some form of disease
    • Large percentage of population is on multiple prescription drugs
  • People are pissed off that nobody is listening to them – we know the answers to so many of the physical, mental, social and environmental issues that are in front of us
  • People are “sick and tired of being sick and tired” - they and/or too many of their friends have a dis-ease or are dying
  • “Follow the money” – has society become so focused on the money and materialistic things that it has forgotten about the people
  • There are no clear answers for if one can return to health, and how to get there – this can lead to, often self-induced, LONELINESS
  • Everyone has a different answer – “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”
  • People want to move away from the pain – strong source of action

Element 3: Identify the “Distress Causes” ( aka Dictator or “Source of Pain” or “Common Enemy”)

THE Dictator

Big Money, which gathers all of these together – the Dictator is anyone that compromises societal and environmental health in favour of money (this doesn’t mean we’re against people making money, even big money, for a job well done. We’re talking about the ones that do it on the backs of others)


  • Big Health – this is the biggest for us; it is supported by the others listed below
  • Big Pharma
  • Big Food (GMO and pesticides, ultra-processed "food-like substances")
  • Big Food (primarily GMO and pesticides, but all “food-like substances)
  • Big Oil
  • Big Government

Pillars of Power

MONEY – focus on money (greed) has shifted people away from acting in the best interests of the population

Big Health

  • People (especially in Canada) feel entitled to universal healthcare and expect it all to be covered (aka “free”) – creates sense of entitlement and feeds the desire to stay “within the system” where the services are free – does not lead to an environment where people think they can heal
  • So many people are getting sick and doctors don’t have time to spend a lot of time with patients, doctors are paid well, but it’s a business and they need to put a lot of patients through the doors
  • Since we can’t specifically identify a root cause, it becomes easier to say “we don’t know”, leading to patients believing that there are never (or rarely) any alternatives to return to health
  • Covered by the financial system, always looking to make more money (everyone within the system)
  • Huge bureaucracy, lots of people making lots of money
  • System does not really cover CAM practitioners, while benefits / insurance cover some costs it is usually very limited – leads to patients being unable to leave the “system”, and unable to focus on returning to health

Big Insurance

  • There is a LOT of money being made by insurance companies, and most are not looking to make less
  • Lots of talk within benefits companies about focusing on wellness (they’re hearing it from their clients), but conflicts with how they make their money which is through a markup on utilization

Big Pharma

  • There’s so much sickness and disease, we need to tackle it and eradicate it – leads to fear of getting sick
  • We don’t know the root cause so we need to mask the symptoms to make you feel better -leads to masking of symptoms with prescription drugs
  • We know how to treat the human body, a physical “item” – leads to ignoring the mind-body-spirit connection
  • We want to prevent you from ever getting sick – leads to creation of preventative measures

Big Food

  • Our population is growing and we need to “feed the world” – creates a fear around scarcity of resources
  • Nature won’t be able to do it alone, we’ll run out of food – creates a sense of gratitude for “saving us” – leaves them the option of creating GMOs and pesticides

Big Money (Corporations)

  • Need to meet business expectations to meet shareholder expectations – creates need for financial success, often overriding “moral” issues
  • Drive, drive, drive – creates stress within individuals and teams


  • There are a lot of alternatives (Big Health alone vs complementary CAM, Big Food vs organic food, Big Insurance vs Wellness companies)
  • Big Money can be made by focusing on what the customer really wants
  • As awareness grows, the customer “needs” are changing
  • Big Government will always follow the masses – as the masses shift, Big Government will be quick to claim success “during their term”

Element 4: Who Is Your Leader?

Someone(s) with a personal story as well as the passion to make this happen

·        Humility – you don’t want a big ego-driven, arrogant person, because they won’t connect with people

·        Vulnerability – someone who owns their humanity

·        One of us - sharing a common pain and path cultivates believability

·        Trustworthy - people need to believe what you say

·        Desire to serve - lead by a true desire to serve

Element 5: What is your Inciting Incident? (Create one)

·       Ours probably involves a statement from a “Visible” (an influential leader) – e.g. it could be the mayor (in combination with MP and MPP?) proclaiming that “THIS CITY” is going to be “The  Healthiest City in Canada”

·       It could be someone going on National TV

·       Launch of Kickstarter could be the Inciting Incident – nice to tie in the above as part of that

Element 6: Identify your “Away From” Rallying Cry

·       Moving away from I-llness, moving away from a “masking of symptoms” approach to a “focus on root cause” approach

·       We’re moving away from the limiting beliefs that we cannot maintain or return to our healthy states

 Element 7: Identify Unifying Beliefs

Maybe there’s a concept of a one-liner like “I’m part of a Healthy Community” that then points to the credo. The one-liner could go on our promotional products.

·       Quotes being pulled together into a creed, based on each of the 6 elements of Health (Mental, Physical, Emotional, Environmental, Social, Financial) -- image available for sharing


Start A Revolution Part 2

Element 8: Define Your “Toward” Vision

The Healthy Community provides an environment where people can come together as an entire community, collaborate in areas that resonate most with them. It provides motivation, incentives, results tracking

·       “Healthiest Community” in ???? (depending on audience, start with Burlington and Canada)

·       We are moving toward a community-based approach to WE-LLNESS: physical health, mental health, spiritual health, emotional health, environmental health, social health, financial health, corporate health

·       We are about:

o   The knowledge that we are stronger when we come together to heal social issues like Poverty, Loneliness, etc.

o   Empowering the individual to “remember” the body’s innate ability to heal

o   Knowing that we are the Captain and Commander of our own health team


BACKGROUND for “Toward Vision”

You need to create a clear vision for that new reality. And it cannot be small. People don’t rally to make small things happen. What they rally behind is “Oh, wow. This is big. This is going to make a huge difference in my life and the life of so many other people. I want to get behind this, and I’ll sacrifice. I’ll work. I’ll go out there and spread the word and evangelize, because I believe so deeply, and the impact is so potentially big and profound.”

You need to paint a clear picture of that great shared outcome. Engage every sense. Make it real, and if possible, make it present tense. As if we’ve already arrived. Think of Martin Luther King’s famous I Have A Dream speech where he kept moving people to the future state. “This is the mega dream. This is where we’re going. I have been there, now we are all going to go there together.”

Critical point: This is where you integrate your product, service, brand, experience or venture. It is the opportunity to join together, rise up and help you create or grow what everyone needs. Even if you can’t yet define the precise solution, you must be able to define the key qualities of it. A great way to do that is to look at the Defining Traits of the Dictator and list the exact opposite of them.


Element 9: Building Your Resonant Story


I wake up almost every morning realizing how far I've progressed. I started as a 'Joe Average' guy living a 'Joe Average' life with lots of things going well and a few things not going so well.

Then the real journey began with a health diagnosis. There have been plenty of obstacles along the way, and with some persistence, faith, and lots of assistance, I have been able to get past many of the obstacles.

Then my 'holy grail' was found, I call it 'myHealthyCommunity'. I can see clearly that coming together as community is the answer to many of today's social and health issues. Think of the Who's in Whoville from 'Horton Hears A Who', when their voices were only heard when every Who came together in chorus. That's where we are today. When we come together in a much bigger way, we will solve issues such as: removing carcinogenic pesticides from our food supply, shifting our health care system to focus on wellness instead of masking symptoms and suggesting we've fixed the problem, understanding and solving the root causes of mental health issues with compassion, homelessness, and many others. This is what myHealthyCommunity looks like, it's as clear as the back of my hand.

And now I go through the return portion of the journey, that being to bring this holy grail back to share with others. There have been even more obstacles, but with faith, persistence, and lots more assistance, I trust that I will make it back and have many others join me in myHealthyCommunity.

I think we just need a few more Whos to join us. Our voice is getting stronger every day.

My Story

·       My story is that the diagnosis comes with a “cannot be healed” logo with a “you’ll have this for the rest of your life” tattoo

·       I have learned that the story isn’t always true and I want people to know that now

·       While I haven’t healed yet, it feels like a big part of my story is to “stop playing small”, to get out of my own way and to pull people together to create the new story

Target Audience

·       The target audience has seen and heard of many instances of people improving their health and believes that the “system” is set up such that these people are hard to find – referred to as Spontaneous Remissions

Resonant Story

·       We don’t have to always be on a path to i-llness. We actually know what is making us ill and we know how to correct. And we’re not going to sit back and be led into sickness any longer.


Element 10: Craft Your Manifesto

·       We are Creating Healthy Communities all over the world, and we’re starting right here, right now

·       We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, and we’re going to do something about it

·       We’re coming together as Community to Educate, Outreach and Engage our citizens –

·       “When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘we’, even I-llness becomes we-llness” ~ Malcolm X


Element 11: Define the Path

Step 1 – Define the actions you want your Target Audience to take. What are the steps, the path, from the very first action to the very last?

·       Path/Purpose (see previous circle imagery that we’re building on)

o   Colleague – Education and early interest

o   Crowd – Outreach; becoming part of conversations

o   Collective – Outreach; creating conversations

o   Collaborator – Community Engagement; reaching out to bring others in

o   Core – Community Engagement; Inspiring the inspirers

o   Other ‘C’ words – Cohort, Committee

·       It’s all about Education, Outreach and Community Engagement as described in business plan

·       [Education] The first step is to “come to the party”. You don’t even have to sign up. Just check it out and see what others are doing.

·       [Outreach] The next step is to sign up to be a part of the R/Evolution.

o   Connect with other Revolutionaries that have already realized that they are not too small to make a difference

o   Get involved in the conversation

o   Create your own conversation

o   Learn about the successes of others, or bring your own

o   Create your own projects or share the work of others - no act is too small, tell people about it to inspire others

o   Don’t be afraid to plan a big act, don’t get caught in the “can’t”’s, look for ways that you can – the resources are available and want to help, they just don’t know you’re looking for them

·       [Community Engagement] Engage your business as part of the community (this is where the path may split a bit)

o   Get others involved in the Path

o   If you don’t have a business but want to help other businesses get involved, introduce them to the community

o   If you do have a business, sign up and advertise your services


Element 12: MESSAGING - Deepen the Tribe Mentality

A: Ken’s initial comments

·         This is where the symbology with “My Healthy Community” comes in.

·         Key messages from above – you’re part of something much bigger than yourself; everything you do creates a ripple – together we succeed, divided we fall

·         You get a badge for your web site, a trinket and/or apparel for your body, products for your desk


Element 13: Assemble Your Spokespeople (Torchbearers)

Who are your zero-day true believers? Your launch team must not only have skills, they need to buy into the bigger why and the long-term where


·       A – Event Team

·       My network – my Healthy Community page, Constant Contact

·       Groups


·       Lissa Rankin (Martha Beck), Robin and Meredith Youngson, Robyn O’Brien, Rachel Parent, Dr. Katz, Jed Diamond, Andrea Beaman, Derek Henry, Kelly Turner, Aviva Romm, Starla Fitch, Christine Schwab, Melissa Lapointe, Robyn Benson, Pamela Wible, Marc Winn

·       International Groups –


Element 14: ID Key Resources and Allies

·         Influencers -

·         Believers -

·         Technology Partners – web site -- need a web developer, need an app developer

·         Creative Partners – marketing

·         Well aligned trade or interest-based organizations –

·         Legal Partners –

·         Aligned media editors, producers, journalists –

·         Funding partners –

·         Kickstarter helpers –

·         Film makers –

·         Local businesses –


Element 15: Surround The Launch

Create the image that “Everywhere you look, this is the thing people are talking about”


·         Kickstarter

·         Blog

·         Instagram

·         Facebook

·         Twitter


·         Small local groups in the community

·         Mini-tribes

·         Meetups

·         Events

·         Speaking engagements

·         Corporate engagements

Traditional media

·         Print

·         TV

·         Radio


Element 16: Mechanisms and Milestones

·         Need to keep track of what’s working and what isn’t


Element 17: Design for Contagion

Can any of these 6 elements be organically tied into what we are creating?

·         Social currency – people will share and love credit for finding something that shows they’re “in the know”. They want credit for having found something of value