Revolution to Take Back Health and Health Care

The “model” for the initiative is based on the research of Jonathan Fields, entitled “The Art of Revolution – Don’t Just Build a Business, Start A Revolution”. It reveals a full 18-element Framework for Nonviolent Consumer Revolution; a methodology that taps the power of revolutions and movement dynamics, blends them with story-architecture, response messaging and social technology to potentially launch an idea exponentially faster, and with a fraction of the resources and effort.

This outline names the 18 elements and provides some initial ideas. The next step is for the “Core Team” to come to agreement on the 18 elements and then Create A Revolution.


·       To improve individual and population health outcomes

·        Healing health care 


  • Coming together to improve the overall health for all (mental, physical, spiritual, environmental, social, financial).
  • Working together to shift the focus from I-llness to We-llness

Key Themes of the Revolution

  • We’re giving people something to believe in. We live in a world where people have lost faith. What we are creating is massively empowering, not just for what we are trying to build, but also for other people.
  • We’re giving people something to belong to.People are feeling the pain of not having their people. When you find your people, non-specific pain on many levels disappears. People come alive. Magic happens. The outcomes can be stunning.


  • Fewer health issues, illness and disease
  • Stories of healing and returning to health, in all aspects of health
  • Sustainable health care systems

What is it?

We are a gathering of physicians, patients and patient advocates, all conscious contributors to health and wellness. The patients want to maintain or return to health. The practitioners and advocates (some of them patients themselves) are there to help coach and mentor the patients on their journey. It’s primarily a Wellness and Prevention focus. We focus on all aspects of health: physical, mental, spiritual/emotional, environmental, social, corporate and financial health.

The Elements

Element 1: Target Audience – to build a connected mission-driven community:

  • Is either/or a practitioner (physician or other), an empowered (or becoming empowered) patient or patient advocate
  • Concerned with one or all aspects of health - Understands that many of the issues are interconnected
  • Knows there has to be a better way – many have found components of the better way and want to help others
  • Knows that “no one is too small to make a difference”, but wants to connect with others
  • Passionate - sick and tired of being sick and tired himself, or friends and colleagues
  • Believes in a focus on wellness rather than illness - resonates with “working together”
  • Accepts that diet and exercise are important, but knows it’s much more than that – wants to understand the social determinants of health
  • Confused about what it takes to be well, as are many friends, family and colleagues

Element 2: Shared Concerns (Pain) – have to understand what people are living with

  • Population is sick
    • Over half the adult population is diagnosed with chronic disease, about a quarter with 2 or more.
    • Almost half the child population is diagnosed with some form of disease
    • Large percentage of population is on multiple prescription drugs
  • People are pissed off that nobody is listening to them – we know the answers to so many of the physical, mental, social and environmental issues that are in front of us
  • People are “sick and tired of being sick and tired” - they and/or too many of their friends have a dis-ease or are dying
  • “Follow the money” – has society become so focused on the money and materialistic things that it has forgotten about the people
  • There are no clear answers for if one can return to health, and how to get there – this can lead to, often self-induced, LONELINESS
  • Everyone has a different answer – too much infighting - “when all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” -- together we can create an entire toolbox

Element 3: “Distress Causes” (aka Dictator or “Source of Pain” or “Common Enemy”)

THE Dictator

Big Money, which gathers all of these together – the Dictator is anyone that compromises societal and environmental health in favour of money (this doesn’t mean we’re against people making money, even big money, for a job well done. We’re talking about the ones that do it on the backs of others)


  • Big Health (Insurance, etc.) – this is the biggest for us; it is supported by the others listed below
  • Big Pharma
  • Big Food (GMO and pesticides, ultra-processed "food-like substances")
  • Big Government - lobbied

Element 4: Who Is Your Leader?

TBD - Someone(s) with a personal story as well as the passion to make this happen

  • Humility – you don’t want a big ego-driven, arrogant person, because they won’t connect with people
  • Vulnerability – someone who owns their humanity
  • One of us - sharing a common pain and path cultivates believability
  • Trustworthy - people need to believe what you say
  • Desire to serve - lead by a true desire to serve

Element 5: What is your Inciting Incident? (Create one)

·        Ours probably involves a statement from a “Visible” (an influential leader) – e.g. it could be the mayor (in combination with MP and MPP?) proclaiming that “THIS CITY” is going to lose a million pounds (Mayor of Oklahoma City did this on the Ellen show)”

·        It could be someone going on National TV

·        Launch of Kickstarter could be the Inciting Incident – nice to tie in the above as part of that

Element 6: Identify your “Away From” Rallying Cry

·         Moving away from Middlemen, Lobbyists, etc.

·         Moving away from I-llness, moving away from a “masking of symptoms” approach to a prevention and “focus on root cause” approach

·         We’re moving away from the limiting beliefs that we cannot maintain or return to our healthy states

Element 7: Unifying Beliefs

“We're part of a Global Movement” to improve the health of individuals, communities and the general population. In order to do so, we need to:

  • Ensure Patients and Physicians working together
  • Improve public health education, beginning in K-12
    • Food contributes to health as well as illness
      • Organic vs conventional - pesticides, etc.
      • If it has a commercial, it's probably not good for you
    • There are many styles of practice in Medicine (Conventional, Integrative, Lifestyle, Functional, etc.)
    • We will not medicate ourselves to health
    • You are the Captain of your personal health team - create your own Manifesto
    • Critical thinking regarding science, advertising, etc.
  • Ensure Direct Primary Care for all
  • End health debates (especially the vitriolic ones)
  • Fix Healthcare
    • Repeal Safe Harbor (U.S.) (includes PBM and GPO)
    • Integrate strengths of each Medicine "approach" (Conventional, Integrtaive, Lifestyle, Functional, etc.)
    • Minimize over-diagnosis and over-prescribing, responsible de-prescribing

Element 8: Define Your “Toward” Vision

BACKGROUND for “Toward Vision”

You need to create a clear vision for that new reality. And it cannot be small. People don’t rally to make small things happen. What they rally behind is “Oh, wow. This is big. This is going to make a huge difference in my life and the life of so many other people. I want to get behind this, and I’ll sacrifice. I’ll work. I’ll go out there and spread the word and evangelize, because I believe so deeply, and the impact is so potentially big and profound.”

You need to paint a clear picture of that great shared outcome. Engage every sense. Make it real, and if possible, make it present tense. As if we’ve already arrived. Think of Martin Luther King’s famous I Have A Dream speech where he kept moving people to the future state. “This is the mega dream. This is where we’re going. I have been there, now we are all going to go there together.”

Critical point: Even if you can’t yet define the precise solution, you must be able to define the key qualities of it. A great way to do that is to look at the Defining Traits of the Dictator and list the exact opposite of them.

Ken’s Puzzle Metaphor – this is the giant jigsaw puzzle that we are envisioning, it’s our utopia – “Blue Zones” might be an interesting vision, though that already exists

The "initiative" provides an environment where people can come together as an entire community, collaborate in areas that resonate most with them. It provides motivation, incentives, results tracking

  • Every city is akin to a "Blue Zone"
  • Health care systems are sustainable
  • We are moving toward a community-based approach to WE-LLNESS: physical health, mental health, spiritual health, emotional health, environmental health, social health, financial health, corporate health

Element 9: Building Your Resonant Story

Resonant Story

·         Tying together:

o   Physician -TBD

o   Patient - we don’t have to always be on a path to illness. We actually know what is making us ill and we know how to correct. And we’re not going to sit back and be led into sickness any longer.

Element 10: Craft Your Manifesto

·        We’re coming together as Community to Educate, Outreach and Engage our citizens –

·        When ‘I’ is replaced with ‘we’, even I-llness becomes we-llness” ~ Malcolm X

 Element 11: Define the Path

  • [Education] The first step is to “come to the party”. You don’t even have to sign up. Just check it out and see what others are doing.
  • [Outreach] The next step is to sign up to be a part of the R/Evolution.
    • Connect with other Revolutionaries that have already realized that they are not too small to make a difference
    • Get involved in the conversation
    • Create your own conversation
    • Learn about the successes of others, or bring your own
    • Create your own projects or share the work of others - no act is too small, tell people about it to inspire others
    • Don’t be afraid to plan a big act, don’t get caught in the “can’t”’s, look for ways that you can – the resources are available and want to help, they just don’t know you’re looking for them
  • [Community Engagement] Engage your business as part of the community (this is where the path may split a bit)
    • Get others involved in the Path
    • If you don’t have a business but want to help other businesses get involved, introduce them to the community
    • If you do have a business, sign up and advertise your services

Element 12: MESSAGING - Deepen the Tribe Mentality

A: Ken’s initial comments

  • You’re part of something much bigger than yourself; everything you do creates a ripple – together we succeed, divided we fall
  • Promotional Material
  • Potential Hashtags for Revolution (vision related)
    • #WeThePeople
    • #MedRevolution
    • #TakeBackHealth
    • #PatientsOverProfits
    • #HealHealthcare
  • Other hashtags (specific pieces)
    • #RepealSafeHarbor
    • #KickBacksKill
    • #EndKickBacks
    • #LabelGlyphosate

Element 13: Assemble Your Spokespeople (Torchbearers)

Who are your zero-day true believers? Your launch team must not only have skills, they need to buy into the bigger why and the long-term where


·         Us



Element 14: ID Key Resources and Allies

·         Influencers -

·         Believers -

·         Technology Partners – web site -- need a web developer, need an app developer

·         Creative Partners – marketing

·         Well aligned trade or interest-based organizations –

·         Legal Partners –

·         Aligned media editors, producers, journalists –

·         Funding partners –

·         Kickstarter helpers –

·         Film makers –

·         Local businesses –


Element 15: Surround The Launch

Create the image that “Everywhere you look, this is the thing people are talking about”


·         Kickstarter

·         Blog

·         Instagram

·         Facebook

·         Twitter


·         Small local groups in the community

·         Mini-tribes

·         Meetups

·         Events

·         Speaking engagements

·         Corporate engagements

Traditional media

·         Print

·         TV

·         Radio


Element 16: Mechanisms and Milestones

·         Need to keep track of what’s working and what isn’t


Element 17: Design for Contagion


Element 18: Ultimate Structural Goal: Tipping Point