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Coming Together to Take Back Health Care

Health care is in the middle of change, especially as it relates to chronic disease. We are leaving the "Old Story"*. We will neither medicate nor insure ourselves to good health. We are moving toward the "New Story"*, where the focus is on health and care, prevention and healing. Right now, we are in "The Space Between Stories"*. We're in the middle of a (peaceful) revolution, where people and doctors are taking back health and health care. Many people and groups are creating new stories, one day at a time.

They are recognizing the issues with population health (too many sick people) and health care systems (unsustainable) and doing something about it. To date, these have been "small fish" efforts, often minimized by the efforts of "bigger fish". We don't need to be bigger fish, we just need to get organized. Each "little fish" needs to be the best fish it can be, yet together, focused on common goals, objectives, and directions, the efforts of the bigger fish can be mitigated.

* From Charles Eisenstein's book "The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible"

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  • Ken Jaques - creating healthy communities (@kenjaques)
  • Joe Callender - bringing systems thinking mindset toward dysfunctional social systems (JECallender)
  • The Roctor, MD - primary care doctor, reluctant leader, full of wit and wisdom (@TheRoctor_MD)
  • CancerGeek - health care ruckus maker (@cancergeek)
  • Brennen Hodge - Just a guy trying to reinvent health care (@BrennenHodge)